Tradition & history

It is the summer of 1863 and Gerardus Johannes Droste decided to start a confectionery business in Haarlem (Holland)
Customers could buy a cup of hot chocolate and various types of exclusive candy, chocolate pastilles, officially called 'Pastilles Droste' since this time.

The beginning of a long history and a rich tradition! Passion for chocolate has been the key of Droste from the very beginning. With icons like Cacoa and Pastilles, Droste became a well-known global chocolate Brand, with a wide range of the finest chocolate products.

Droste chocolate

Droste chocolates are created with a commitment to quality and fine craftsmanship.

We offer a wide range of innovative and
unexpected tast creations with a unique sophistication.

For generations our 'chocolatiers' have worked to produce chocolate that is always faithful to the original recipe and characteristics of Droste chocolate, and its quality and excellent packaging is style chocolate lovers will instantly recognize.

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Did you know?

Per minute Droste manufactures 5256 pastilles?

About 40% of women and 15% of men have a regular need for chocolate.