1945 - 1975 The postwar period

Droste CocoaAfter the Second World War Droste recovered from the damage it had sustained during the war. In the first years Droste did not want to export its products while, due to a lack of raw materials, pre-war quality could not be achieved. Only the home market was left. This phase gradually changed. It was the availability of foreign currency lead to an increase in exports. Five years after the war Droste was able, once again, to supply quality products to the home and abroad market.

In 1947 Jan and Martinus Droste, grandsons of the founder, were appointed managers. This third "chocolate generation" had to prove themselves. Under their management, business was improving. In the early part of the 1960s Droste counted a workforce of over 1000 employees. The machines were running at maximum capacity, 40 per cent of the production was exported to 60 different countries. In the year 1961 a new cocoa-factory had been opened.

In 1964 the factory received the "Royal" designation. Droste's new name became: Koninklijke Droste Fabrieken N.V.

In this period, the plant was automated and manual production now belonged to the past. However the market changed and difficulties, caused by a huge rise in production costs, caused problems for Droste.

1975 - 1997 Droste no longer independent

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