1975 - 1997 Droste no longer independent

In 1975 N.V. the inheritor, Widow J. Van Nelle, took over the share capital of Droste. With this, the family business became part of a fast expanding food/tobacco group. The joint proprietor of Van Nelle, at that time, was Standard Brands Incorporated from New York. However the, world-famous brand name Droste still continued as a diverse trademark within this food/tobacco group.

By the year 1977 Droste's ownership was transmitted to Standard Brands Incorporated. Because of the transmittal to an American company, the 'Royal' title had to be taken away from all Droste products. The name was then changed into Droste Fabrieken B.V. By the year 1985 Van Nelle separated itself from Standard Brands, which was, in turn, taken over by Nabisco. In 1986 the production of Droste was transferred to Vaassen, Gelderland.

The old production location in Haarlem continued as Dutch Cocoa & Chocolate Company B.V. A new factory was opened in Vaassen, in 1988, where the products of Venz (chocolate sprinkles) were also made.

It was also in this year that Van Nelle had been taken over by Sara Lee/D.E. Two years later the Dutch sugar- and food concern CSM, bought Droste.

Within CSM-company Droste was classified to confectionery business-unit, where Red Band and Venco also belonged to. The management now wanted to focus on the accessibility and distribution of Droste products. As a tool, dynamic and progressive commercials were used, this had a strong rejuvenation of Droste's image (see picture).

ยป 1997 - nowadays Droste becomes independent again

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