1997 - nowadays Droste becomes independent again

Since January 1st 1997 Droste has been sold to the, Swiss based, company Hosta. Venz moved to Koninklijke De Ruijter B.V. in Baarn. Droste B.V., by now, is still situated as an independent company in Vaassen, Gelderland.

Since then sales have strongly increased and Droste has become one of the biggest users of cocoa in the Netherlands. 65% of the sales were realised in more than 20 countries.

Also as a part of the Hosta group, Droste still operates as an independent business unit. Droste nowadays has a variety of chocolate products. For details please see our link to 'Our Assortment'. Droste is very much concerned with inventing and launching new flavours and shapes of delicious chocolate, never losing sight of the fundemental credo, "The real taste of chocolate".

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