• A bar of pure chocolate (125) contains more caffeine than a cup of instant coffee
  • Chocolate is less harmful for teeth than sweets.
  • The scientific name of the cocoa bean is Theobroma cocoa. Theobroma means Food for the Gods.
  • Milk chocolate is a healthy source of iron and magnesium. All chocolate contains potassium.
  • Chocolate increases the serotonine and endorphine contents in the brain and gives a stimulating effect, merely thanks to the phenyethylene what is a natural substance in the brain what is released by emotional excitement.
  • Chocolate contains stimulating substances such as theobromine or caffeine, these substances boosts the awareness.
  • About 40% of women and 15% of men have a regular need for chocolate.
  • In the Netherlands people consume about 5 kg per year per person.

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