The history of Droste

As Droste had already been established by 1863, the company has garnered a rich history. Below, you can find some of our (chocolate) highlights.

Droste Chocolate books

Droste, de geschiedenis van de Haarlemse cacao (Droste, the history of the Haarlem cocoa)

You can also read about the history of Droste in the book ‘Droste, de geschiedenis van de Haarlemse cacao’, written by A. Ebeling and W. Hering. The historical texts on this website were sourced from this book and presented here as abridged versions.

Author: Ebeling A.
Co-author: Wies Hering
Publisher: VBK Media
Dutch | ISBN 90-6076-433-1


Droste; de geschiedenis van de Haarlemse cacao-en chocoladefabriek aan het Spaarne (Droste; the history of the Haarlem cocoa and chocolate factory on the Spaarne)

Author: Ebeling A.
Co- author: Wies Hering
Publisher: VBK Media
Dutch| 96 pagina’s | ISBN 97-8906-0764-336


Droste, een blik waardig (Droste, worth a look)

This book is not just a must read for the Droste collector, but also an interesting read for other tin can and cardboard packaging enthusiasts.

Author: Job Gerardus Koens
Publisher: Calbona
Dutch | 320 pagina’s | 97-8949-187-2518

Droste collectibles

Droste Cocoa tins

Droste’s cocoa and chocolate factories, previously located in Haarlem, are very well-known with the public because of the ‘Nurse cocoa’ that has been marketed in the familiar cocoa tins for almost a century. These tins are much sought after collectibles.

Droste also occupies a special place for picture card album collectors. In the ranking of leading prewar publishers of classical albums, Droste achieved an honorable fourth position, immediately following the three biscuit and rusk producers Verkade, Bussink and Hille. Between 1928 and 1938, Droste issued five albums. For more information, see the website

The Droste effect

Since 1900, the nurse, inspired by the painting ‘La belle chocolatière’, has been pictured on Droste’s cocoa packaging. At that time, it was used to emphasize cocoa’s beneficial effect. The repeatedly appearing image of the nurse holding the tray is known all over the world as the ‘Droste effect’.

More Droste collectibles?

We would like to refer Droste enthusiasts as well as collectors to the Nederlands BakkerijMuseum in Hattem, which houses a large collection of Droste objects.

To the BakkerijMuseum

Droste Experience

In collaboration with baker Woltjes from Volendam, a unique experience has been developed. The small Droste cottage takes you on a journey through the world of Droste, using imagery, sound and of course a tasting of the pastilles.

Every room in the house has its own theme, such as for example the chocolate letters, the well-known pastilles as well as Droste’s cocoa powder.

When you walk through the house, you feel as if you have gone back in time and have ended up in the sixties. There is also a special wall display featuring all the world events where Droste was present!

The tourist attraction is fun for all ages and as of now opened to the public. Admission is free!


Haven 98
1131 EV Volendam

Droste nostalgia

Are you curious to see our century-old cocoa tins or our posters and other advertisements from the past? You can view them on our Pinterest profile.

52 historic chocolate recipes

On a dusty attic, Droste found a small recipe book published by Droste approximately a hundred years ago. This book features 52 delicious chocolate recipes that are still good today.