1945 – 1975

The post-war period


After the Second World War, Droste recovers from the damages it sustained in the war. For the first couple of years, Droste ceases exporting products, as the prewar level of quality cannot be met due to a shortage of proper raw materials. The company is completely dependent on sales in the Netherlands. This changes when the necessary currencies are made available and the export increases significantly. Restrictions on the purchase of raw materials last for five years after the war has ended. The same holds for sales in the Netherlands and abroad.

In 1947, Jan and Martinus Droste, grandsons of the company founder, are appointed as directors. The third generation ‘in chocolate’ will have to prove itself now. Under their leadership too, the business thrives and in the beginning of the 60’s, Droste boasts a staff of over a thousand people. The machines are working at full capacity and about 40 percent of the production output is exported to over 60 countries. In 1961, a new cocoa factory is put into use.

In 1964, the company is granted the “Royal” designation. Their new name: Koninklijke Droste Fabrieken N.V. (Royal Droste Factories Ltd.).

In the meanwhile, machines take over more and more of the factory workers’ tasks and manual production slowly becomes a thing of the past. The market is very much in flux and in this period, the factory runs into difficulties due to the steep increase in production costs.