Creamy chocolate custard

As well as a simple recipe for custard, there is also a slightly more elaborate version. This recipe is also featured in our nostalgic recipe book, published about 100 years ago. A sheer pleasure!


  • 1/4 l milk
  • 1/4 l cream
  • 30 g Droste cocoa powder (3 level tablespoons)
  • 60 g sugar
  • marrow from a vanilla pod
  • 10 g corn starch
  • 2 eggs


Gently boil the milk, cream and the marrow from the vanilla pod. In the meantime, mix the cocoa powder, sugar and corn starch with one whole egg and one egg yolk. Thin the mixture with some of the warm milk and when it is fully liquid, you can add it to the pan with hot milk, while stirring continuously. Keep stirring until the mixture is cooked and thickened. Take the custard of the heat and let it cool, stirring from time to time. Finally, whip the remaining egg white until it is stiff and gently fold it through the custard.