• The taste of real Dutch chocolate since 1863

  • Old Dutch chocolate Letters

  • The Droste letters

    Yes, they are finally back! The delicious Droste chocolate letters. We have also completely given them a new look from, and that look fits Droste Chocolate the best! And the best thing? Just as much chocolate as before, but 75% less packaging material! The chocolate letters are this year available in the flavors Milk, Pure, White, and the new flavors Caramel-Sea Salt and Hazelnut. That will be old Dutch enjoyment with the holidays.

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  • Authentic and old Dutch

  • Just like then!

    In 1863, Geraldus Johannes Droste’s pastry and biscuit bakery in Haarlem opened its doors to the public. Today, the Droste chocolate products are still made in one of the few remaining large chocolate factories in the Netherlands in the same way and with just as much love and attention as before. We call that primal Dutch craftsmanship!

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