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Droste® Nederland B.V.
Runnenbergweg 31
8171 MC Vaassen
The Netherlands

Phone: 0578-578200

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We are available for you from Monday till Thursday from 08:30 – 17:00. We already have answered most of the questions for you below in our FAQ. Didn’t find the answer you were searching for? Please contact us, we are there to help you out!

  • Most asked questions

  • You can find our products at all major supermarkets in the Netherlands. You can also find the delicious Droste chocolate at specialty stores, airports, souvenir shops, drugstores and petrol stations.

    Our chocolate products are for sale at all supermarkets in the Netherlands. Are you looking for a specific flavour? Please contact your local supermarket or store to see if this flavor is included in their productrange.

    Since 1986 Droste has moved from Haarlem to the beautiful city Vaassen in the province Gelderland. We are located at the Runnenbergweg 31, 8171 MC in Vaassen.

    Unfortunately, we do not provide guided tours due to strict safety and hygiene regulations. To give an impression of what we do, we have made a virtual tour, so you are still a bit with us!

    We really like it that you want to give a talk about us! All information about Droste can be found on our history and range page. Will you let us know what grade you received for your talk?

    We would really help you out with that. Unfortunately, we do not own all of our products that we have developed over the years. There is, however, a very big trade platform in Droste articles on the internet. We advise you to visit websites such as Marktplaats and Ebay to complete your Droste collection in this way.

    No worries! This is not bad at all. The reason for this is that the chocolate was not treated correctly during transport or during storage. Due to relatively large temperature differences, the cocoa butter has come to the surface and is there crystallized. This in itself does not detract from the quality of the product, it is even a sign that the chocolate is from a very good quality. However, the white coating makes the chocolate look less tasty, just give it a try. The chocolate is really delicious!

    No. Droste's products are not kosher. Except for Droste Cacao, this product is even kosher for Passover.

    All products are gluten free.

    How nice! Droste is a recognized training company for the quality department. You can find the available internship positions on

    That's sad to hear! A complaint can be sent to, including the complaint description, article / product, best before date and the name of the supermarket (where purchased).