The taste of real chocolate, since 1863

We’re still doing it ourselves

In 1863, Geraldus Johannes Droste’s confectioner’s shop and bakery opened its doors to the public in Haarlem. Here, customers can order chocolate drinks made with water and a variety of sweets are sold. Over the years, Droste developed into a very well-known international brand, producing several artisanal chocolate products such as the renowned pastilles and cocoa powder. Nowadays, those chocolate products are still being produced in Vaassen, with as much love and attention as in previous times.

Droste product range

A unique range of different artisanal chocolate products with various flavors, passionately produced using traditional methods.

History of Droste

As Droste had already been established by 1863, the company has garnered a rich history. Below, you can find some of our (chocolate) highlights.